First Date Blueprints

Posted on February 12th, 2014

If you follow a few guidelines, finding a good place for a first date doesn’t need to be difficult. The most important thing to keep in mind is that trending hotspots, unless big enough, make for lousy first dates. These places—and same goes for clubs—will be packed and too noisy for a pleasant conversation. To help you in the right direction, we have compiled a set of unbeatable blueprints for first dates in Amsterdam. The general ideas though, are applicable to any city.

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> > Mid-Afternoon/Early-Evening Dates

1. Rijksmuseum + Wagamama + Café Americain
After a decent look at The Night Watch and an easy walk through the Gallery of Honor (no need to spend hours at the museum), head out to Wagamama for a steamy bowl of noodles and then seal the date with a sophisticated early-evening drink at Café Americain.

2. Foam + De Kroon
Foam makes for a pleasant one-hour wander about through contemporary exhibitions. When you are done, go to De Kroon, where you will find unpretentious design, lots of space and great views over the Rembrandt square. 

3Het Scheepvaartmuseum + SkyLounge Amsterdam
Hire a guide and ask for his best anecdote (one hour max.) on one of the exhibitions or on the museum itself. Following, spend another half hour or so walking around on your own before moving on to the SkyLounge. On the 11th floor you will enjoy one of the best views over the skyline of Amsterdam (see picture). It is absolutely breathtaking, though never in the too-much-too-cheezy way.

Dating during the day has a casual, easygoing vibe to it and is therefore perfect for those exiting first dates. Going to a museum or gallery, instead of going for a drink or dinner directly, allows you to get comfortable with each other without having the pressure to talk constantly. And, even if you do struggle to keep the flow going, there will be plenty of talking point references to help you out. Do remember though, that this isn’t about visiting the museum. Don’t go all nuts, but keep it short and sweet; get familiar with each other and then move on to the next place.

Some of the points that we considered when putting these blueprints together were: 1. Going from A to B should be easy and quick, 2. All the places should be stunning enough, but never over-the-top (there’s time for that),  3. Like we mentioned before, and most importantly, the venues need to be spacious and quiet (yet bustling enough) for a nice conversation.

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If you prefer a blueprint that is adjusted to your personal needs and wishes, please send us an e-mail using the contact form. We will gladly help you out with customized recommendations, and moreover, with details on current exhibitions, concerts, parties and other happenings.